Polar fitness app tells the location of military personnel that is used to identify a government spy

Fitness app Polar
The popular application that tracks user activity on a variety of data is accidentally has revealed the location of personnel who work on military bases and intelligence service. The combined investigation by De Correspondent and Bellingcat has revealed that it is possible to find the location of secret military sites around the world from the data found through Explore function.

This discovery is worrying because one can use the information to find the names and addresses of thousands of users that seem to work for military and intelligence service.

Application of Polar Flow based in Finland with offices in New York can make anyone able to access the user's fitness activity for several years, a report from ZDNet.

With the use of access which is essentially uncontrolled, it becomes possible to identify the people who work in sensitive locations such as military bases. It also confirmed that most of his customers have been using the default privacy settings and will not be affected.

Polar has issued a statement which addresses the security gaps, clarifying that there is no leak or breach of personal data, and has apologized for the suspension of its Explore feature.

Before this, there has also been a similar case that is the fitness tracking Strava was attacked after it was discovered that shows user activity across the world to reveal the location of military installations in places like Turkey and Afghanistan, but After that, they update their global heat map and tighten the whole user's privacy.

With this incident, the company will increase the level of declared Polar privacy protection.


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