Programmers at the NSO Group is fired and arrested for stealing a cell phone hackers tool proven to belong to the company

NSO Group
NSO Group benefits from the business of hacking the iPhone and Android devices. However, the company experienced a hacking incident committed by one of his officers and managed to steal valuable intellectual property.

The successful intellectual property was stolen from the original company that Israel is a tool of mobile phone hackers, who are a foundation to have offered on the website of the black market.

The reported phone hackers tool not marketed NSO to the criminal, while the thief employees plan to sell them to criminals.

Officers suspect the theft was reported as a 38-year-old programmer, though not available name related information. This is also called the programmer has been arrested and under the supervision of the General Prosecutor Israel.

The programmers can do the theft by disabling the security software on his computer, then copy the source code for the cell phone hackers tool NSO Group to the external drive.

Then, define themselves as hackers who managed to break the security of the NSO Group, the program selling worth $50 million at the site of the black market.

However, one of those who contacted the programmers report to the Ministry of the law of Israel, who promptly arrested him. Until now, there hasn't been any intellectual property belonging to the NSO Group is reported to have been handed out to third parties.

In addition, former employees also were charged with the conclusion that he could compromise State security reasons Israel Army reported using tools hackers work NSO Group.

Tools hacking this phone being the only property NSO Group which focused on tools and services offer mobile phone hacking.


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