Rocket artificial Blue Origin New Shepard recently and successfully flew a rocket into space

Blue Origin's New Shepard lauch
Blue Origin, a private aerospace company belonging to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos recently flew a rocket into outer space. The latest rocket company called New Shephard is claimed to fly higher than the previous flight.

The rocket reached a height of 389,846 feet (74 miles) before returning to Earth, offered from the Mirror.

FYI, the New Shepard flight was a flight test of the ninth Blue Origin who was able to exceed the expectations of the target company. Later, the rocket will be flown to carry tourists on vacation to outer space.

Duration of flight (while the launch) itself takes about 11 minutes and was broadcast live from YouTube.

 "Crew capsule that is on the rockets have worked well and we have to declare if the flight goes smoothly, " says Jeff Bezos now holds the status of the world's richest people.

Later, the rocket will carry at least six people into suborbital space, the distance is about 62 miles above the Earth's surface.

To note, Blue Origin passengers are required to pay a ticket worth the US $ 200-300 thousand in the first flight into space next year. This information is spoken by two sources nearest Blue Origin. Prospective customers and the aerospace industry previously mentioned have been curious about the cost of New Shepard space rocket tickets owned by Blue Origin.

They plan to find out if the ticket were too affordable or not, and whether there is any possibility of Blue Origin space tourism can support.

In a business conference last month, Blue Origin is planning on doing a test flight of a New Shepard in the near future. In addition, Blue Origin is also planning to start selling tickets next year.

Companies headquartered South of Seattle has made the design of the vehicle consists of a rocket launcher and capsules for passengers. Currently, Blue Origin is still the subject of the status of production and prices rocket.


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