Five people were murdered by citizens in India because of the false rumors circulating in WhatsApp

Rumors on WhatsApp
Five people in Dhule, India, were reportedly killed by mobs on Sunday after rumors appeared in WhatsApp that they were kidnappers of children.

Twelve people were arrested on murder charges. The five victims were reported as members of the nomad community passing through the village when they were attacked. The victims pleaded with them to be forgiven when they were attacked, according to a BBC statement.

The news about the five victims was a kidnapper arose when one of the men allegedly spoke with a girl. This makes the villagers suspicious.

The community then asked the group of people, but they were not satisfied with the answers given, said M. Ramkumar, a senior police officer. The residents then took the five men to a room and beat them with bamboo and stone sticks.

The case of death due to the spread of false rumors in WhatsApp has occurred as many as 12 times in India. The rumors are usually equipped with a video showing a kid who was kidnapped by two men using a motor.

The video is actually a Pakistani-made movie to raise awareness of the dangers of kidnapping children. The video was then edited and distributed on WhatsApp, complete with a warning of the dangers of the "kidnappers".

Local media also reported the rumors, encouraging people to attack foreign strangers or not speak in the local language.


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