Sales of the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S9 on Q2 2018 is reportedly not as good as the previous three months

Samsung Galaxy S9
Sales of the flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S9, on Q2 2018 is reportedly not as good as the previous three months. According to the report, Samsung only ships nine million units of Galaxy S9 series throughout April-June 2018. The figure marked a decline in product shipments from the quarter I 2018, from Phone Arena.

Mere information, Samsung ships 10.2 million units of Galaxy S9 in Q1 2018. However, sales of the series Galaxy S9 is believed to still exceed the Duo Huawei P20.

Overall, sales of the Samsung Galaxy series S9 quarter I quarter higher than 2018 II. This shows that smartphone sales slowed. Sales quarter II for the Galaxy S series is usually higher than the quarter I.

For example, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, both sold 10.3 million units in the quarter I. Sales rose to 15.6 million units three months later with a total sales of 25.9 million for six months.

A shipment of Galaxy S8 in the past year reached 21.2 million units in the same period, two million more than the series Galaxy S9.

Apart from the Samsung Galaxy series S9, Samsung was preparing the launch of Galaxy Note 9. Smartphones will become the new flagship is scheduled to release in the next month.


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