Sales of the iPhone in India exacerbated decline as a result of the three ranks of Apple executives have also resigned from the company

Apple India
Sales of the iPhone in India getting derailed. The latest report mentions if the total sales of the iPhone in the land of Hindustan ranges from less than one million units during the first half of the semester one this year.

In addition to the declining sales of the iPhone in India, known to three ranks of Apple executives have also resigned from the company, a report from Bloomberg.

It is not known what the cause, a source claimed his third reason resign because of operational restructuring in the company stumbled in India.

Apple's market share in India also decreased by two percent. Report from the Counterpoint Research ever uncovers if iPhone unit sales total this year could not rival the total sales of the iPhone in India in the past year, where able to print numbers a total of 2.3 million units.

Apple actually plans to more aggressively again strengthen its market share in India.

One of the efforts made is building a factory manufacturing iPhone 6s and SE to avoid tax rates and could have sold devices at cheaper prices. Unfortunately, these efforts seem not able to walk properly.

Before building a factory iPhone in India, Apple has already met with a number of important officials in New Delhi.

At the meeting, Apple had a chance to discuss the preparation of the manufacturing facilities in the country. But Apple has a lot of demand, one of which is a tax holiday for 15 years for the import of components and equipment.

India asserts that Apple and also other retail brands if want to build stores in India, the products sold must contain 30 percent local components. But the Government gave a little convenience so that technology companies can operate their stores for three years before being eligible.


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