Samsung and BlackBerry extend security collaboration

Samsung And BlackBerry
Speaking of security, BlackBerry is arguably the only one that has the best security solution to date. So it's no wonder that Samsung is at ease collaborating with it.

The cooperation between Samsung and BlackBerry in security affairs has actually been running for four years. Both have signed a strategic partnership in 2014, which brings them the best security solutions for consumers, such as BlackBerry SecuSUITE, UEM, and Samsung Knox.

Because the cooperation is now entered the grace period, BlackBerry and Samsung decided to extend the partnership.

By both, this collaboration is conducted to develop and deliver the availability of integrated solutions to accelerate digital transformation into the marketplace.

Not only that, this cooperation is also intended as part of the Enterprise of Things initiative both. According to the announcement, Samsung will bring its expertise in device solutions, while BlackBerry will focus on security and endpoint management.

The first thing this partnership will do is that all enterprise consumers using Samsung devices (mobile phones, tablets, and more) will get the option to manage the device through the BlackBerry Universal Endpoint Management (UEM) platform.

Not mentioned when this agreement will end. But if both are equally comfortable, do not rule out this cooperation will continue again in the following years.


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