Samsung is rumored to be starting to eliminate the fingerprint scanner security features on its device

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge fingerprint scanner
Samsung reportedly will eliminate the fingerprint scanner on the device. The possibility of a fingerprint scanner will not exist in the Galaxy Tab S4. This device is a tablet, Samsung's proprietary premium quoted from Softpedia.

Samsung reportedly will use security Galaxy Tab S4 on iris scanners and facial recognition.  Surely this will remind users on iPhone X earlier left a fingerprint scanner.

Galaxy Tab S4 firmware to find some method of unlocking Samsung used on the device, in the report SamMobile.

By looking at a lot of things, not to mention the existence of the fingerprint sensor. Meanwhile, iris scanner and the scanner face remains in use, such as premium smartphone Samsung other products.

Previously, Apple removes fingerprint scanner belongs to iPhone X. this Decision received mixed reviews from customers and competitors. In fact, other vendors decried the decision an Apple in his ads.

Samsung itself so far seems to be not yet interested in eliminating the fingerprint scanner in the device.

The company calls will still be looking for another option to make fingerprint scanners remain on the device. For example, using a fingerprint on the screen.

Fingerprint technology in this screen was previously been applied by other Chinese vendors. Unfortunately for the company Apple and Samsung's classmates, the placement of the sensor fingerprint on the screen is considered has not met the standard.

Although Apple stops trying to bring the fingerprint on the screen, Samsung still strives so that the technology can be applied. In fact, the flagship smartphone Samsung next, i.e. Galaxy S10 allegedly will be present with the support of fingerprint on the screen.


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