Samsung is rumored to be using the name Galaxy F for cell phone folding

Samsung phone
Samsung will probably launch a new premium smartphone with name Galaxy F, according to a leaker. That Leaker is a Twitter user named @MMDDJ_ China origin. He makes a simple tweet:  "Hello, Galaxy F! " when asked a class of smartphones that he meant, he replied " " super premium. During this time, the leaker has a pretty good track record.

This Tweet is not connected directly with the folding phone that is currently called by the name of Galaxy X TechRadar, according to reports.

Samsung allegedly used the letter F as an abbreviation of Foldable. News about Samsung release smartphones fold has been circulating for a long time.

The decision to use the name Samsung Galaxy F makes sense, especially after Apple used the name iPhone X. Samsung will probably want to show the difference between his product with Apple products, included in the name.

So far, there is no certainty of Samsung mobile phone does fold his will named Galaxy Galaxy x. The news of the appearance of the Galaxy F has never appeared in 2013.

At that time, the Galaxy F is referred to as a premium smartphone with a body made of metal and is mentioned to be released between the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note.  One thing to keep in mind, Samsung unveiled the many types of cell phones around the world. In addition, they are also quite often released the Special Edition is only available in certain markets.


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