Samsung reported to register a trademark in the United States and Europe Magbee announced on 9 August

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According to some documents of the registered trademarks of Samsung in the United States and Europe, his savvy speakers will be called by the name Magbee. But until now, it hasn't been available much of the information associated with this device.

The only information related to circulating this smart speaker is that these devices will be supported by virtual assistant Samsung Bixby, and Harman was involved in its development.

Meanwhile, the latest patent applications unveil that these speakers will be supported with the button. Samsung predicted Magbee speakers will support with a number of wireless home audio solutions.

Samsung Magbee
One of the audio solutions is the support for multi-room audio and a number of speakers that broadcast the audio simultaneously. Samsung is also expected to officially show off Magbee coincided with Galaxy Note 9 on 9 August.

Both are called to be announced at the event also Unpacked Wiryono announcements for the latest Galaxy smartwatch Watch, as well as a number of tablets, including the latest flagship Samsung tablet, Galaxy Tab S4.

Previously, the latest information came from documents of certification from the national telecommunications regulatory agency Brazil confirm related rumors that mention that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be powered with a battery capacity of 4,000 mAh.

Samsung is also rumored to preparing a model Galaxy Watch with larger sizes, namely 48mm and the screen size is 1.3 inches. The model that comes with codename BC-R805U is called has gained approval from the FCC.


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