Samsung reportedly preparing a pre-order Galaxy Note 9 and also the smartphone announcements at the beginning of next month

Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Samsung announces Galaxy preparing Note 9 at the beginning of next month. Ahead of the inauguration events, information about Galaxy Note 9 the more circulating on the internet. Samsung planning Galaxy pre-orders start Note 9 in South Korea, offered from GSM Arena. It is known from a banner uploads Galaxy Note 9 on Twitter. However, so far there has been no official confirmation from Samsung about the smartphone pre-order.

Samsung is scheduled to announce Galaxy Note 9 in New York, United States (USA), on 9 August 2018. It is sold in various countries will also be started in the same month.

According to the report, Samsung not only announced the Galaxy Note 9. Other products are likely to be announced are two variants of the new series of the smartwatch Galaxy Watch.

Both the smartwatch is compatible with the 4G LTE network and connect with WiFi. If it is not announced, chances are it will be present alongside smartwatch Galaxy X 2018 at IFA, Berlin, Germany.

Information about Galaxy Note 9 the more circulating on the internet. Some time ago, the CEO of Samsung's Mobile Division, DJ Koh, reportedly using the smartphone appear in public spaces.

9 Note that Galaxy used Koh referred to have the front side underneath the bezel thinner than Galaxy Note 8. However, both seem to have a similar design as a whole. The difference that'll namely two cameras behind Galaxy Note 9 has different designs, as well as the fingerprint sensor is below the sensor of the camera.

Based on the outstanding photos, Koh looks do something with S Pen, but his hand was covering most of the body of the back of the device. So, it's hard to see the design changes on the new stylus.

As for the Samsung will announce the Galaxy Note 9 in an event in New York City, United States (USA), on 9 August 2018. South Korea origin technology companies that are expected to start selling the device on August 24, 2018.


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