Samsung started doing updates for Galaxy A8 with the Android operating system 8.0 Oreo

Android 8.0 oreo update for Galaxy A8
Samsung gradually began releasing Android updates for the newest smartphone Oreo. This time for the Galaxy Galaxy A8 and A8 Plus called has been getting an update for the most recent Android.

Android update Oreo for Galaxy Galaxy A8 and A8 Plus recently released for some areas only, the report from Sam Mobile. This new update slide for users in Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.

Along with this update, Samsung also features support for both slots SIM VoLTE. Additionally, the security patch July 2018 have been included in this update.

Support for Dolby Atmos is not mentioned in the description of the update. It is possible this is done because the features Dolby Atmos Galaxy Galaxy A8 and A8 Plus may only be used when connected to other audio devices, both wired or wireless.

This update to be released gradually to a number of other countries.

News about Samsung plans to release Android updates Oreo to Galaxy A8 has indeed many are scattered through the news since may 2018. However, this is actually a Galaxy update the A8 is somewhat slower than other models.

According to anonymous sources, it is done because Samsung chose to release updates to other products that are already first releases and a priority, like the Galaxy S and Galaxy A 2017.


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