Samsung will announce the smartphone fold with screen 7 inches at the beginning of 2019

Foldable Samsung Galaxy X
Samsung is believed to be the first vendor will be releasing a smartphone. According to the new report, Samsung will release a folding screen smartphone 7 inches at the beginning of 2019. Samsung called believes the presence of this smartphone will again revive demand for premium phones, offered from GSM Arena.

A Smartphone is still in prototype form will be released first by targeting users of gamers. The estimated selling price of the least expensive US $1,500.

In terms of design, this smartphone can be folded like a wallet. According to people who had seen the main screen of the prototype, the smartphone is on the inside when folded. When folded, the second screen will be on the outside of that function to show notifications.

Samsung reportedly has a bigger plan for smartphones in the second quarter fold in 2018. A variant of this smartphone will be the third flagship Samsung series after the Galaxy S and Note.

According to some executives of Samsung, this product is not only one of the biggest revolution in smartphone design, but at the same time also the priority projects for the company.

The other project is a clever speaker code name Lux, which is expected to be announced simultaneously Samsung Galaxy Note 9.


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