Series Galaxy Watch FCC document is reported to be present in two variants

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Samsung preparing a number of new devices central, one of which was the Galaxy Watch. Information about the smartwatch later many circulating on the internet. Latest news reserved Galaxy Watch back appears.

A number of documents Federal Communications Commission (FCC), published on Friday, adding new information about Galaxy Watch. Based on that data. Galaxy Watch will come in two variants, as offered by GSM Arena.

It will come with new smartwatch two screen sizes, namely 1.19 and 1.3 inches, with a circular design. The version with a smaller screen has the code name BC-R815, whereas large BC-R805.

Based on the image of computer-aided design (CAD), the Samsung Galaxy Watch screen is likely a  "sport's", while the other has a more traditional clock design. Users can eventually replace cord hours in accordance with the existing options.

Samsung galaxy watch FCC document

Both the smartwatch is compatible with 4 g LTE network and connect with WiFi. Samsung estimated announced smartwatch coincided Galaxy Note 9 in New York, United States (USA), on 9 August 2018.

If not, it's likely this will be announced alongside smartwatch Galaxy X 2018 at IFA, Berlin, Germany.


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