Snapchat features the latest Lens Explorer allows users direct access to the lens

Snapchat's new  Lens Explorer
An application or service will always present the latest features in order to make its users increasingly prefer towards social media. It is also done by Snapchat with the release of a new feature called Lens Explorer.

This feature made Snapchat make social networking more communal, by allowing the user direct access to the lens or artificial filters the fans Snapchat.

The company, founded by Evan Spiegel and his friends launched Lens Kit in the year 2017. The Kit lens is a tool that lets its users create their own designs AR to be shared on social networks Snapchat.

Since this feature out, there have been many users who create designs AR. There are more than 100,000 unique filters or lenses are made by fans Snapchat. 

This unique filter filter-claimed Snapchat had already been seen by other users is more than 2.5 billion times, the statement via Gizmodo.

The lens of the new Explorer is currently available in iOS. To use it, this feature will appear as an icon when the user activates the Lens ' Carousel ' in the application of Snapchat by way of tapping and holding the screen. 

Features of this Lens are indeed not yet present the Explorer for all users Snapchat all over the world, but fans of Snapchat can search for the artificial lens and try these users by finding the desired lens on the column ' Search ' or navigate on the category Community Lens.

The various lens or filter Snapchat can be found through this Lens Community category. Starting from the gorgeous and unique filter, to filter that makes the user look creepy. 

For users who want to create his own filters or lenses, users can download the application in the computer Studio Lens.


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