Snapchat is rumored to be introducing new features to increase the number of users especially gamers

Snapchat logo
Not as popular as sliding on the market in September 2011, Snapchat, rumored to be introducing a new feature to increase the number of users, especially gamers.

The plan, the company made by Evan Spiegel it will introduce its gaming hub at the end of 2018. To realize the plan, the company has already approached to work with a number of game publishers.

Snap will add the gaming hub feature directly into the app and can provide users with a unique game experience, quoted from the Ubergizmo page.

Later, Snapchat will serve as a 'host' for users who have downloaded a game from the app store within the short messaging app.

The report also mentions, Snapchat has been developing this feature for over a year, and the acquisition of PlayCanvas is closely tied to this new feature.

Just for information, PlayCanvas is known as a company that makes software to develop mobile games.

Snap, still has not given an official statement about the new features that will be present in Snapchat.

Spiegel says, basically someone is not happy to compete with his friends to get 'Likes' and attention. That, he says, is not so much fun and good.

Therefore, Snapchat chooses not to have such a 'Likes' feature. Miranda Kerr's husband confessed Snapchat from the beginning encouraged as a communication platform rather than simply sharing with the crowd.

According to Spiegel, different from the format that Facebook has as a social media. This is also what makes Snap can still survive, although Facebook can imitate features owned services.


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