Sony calls the premium pocket camera market will continue to grow

Sony RX100 VI
Competition in the realm of cameras is no longer only enlivened by the presence of various products from various manufacturers, with features featuring advanced features and advanced technology of each company.

Now the camera manufacturers also have to face competition from an increasingly sophisticated smartphone camera.

However, Sony claimed not to worry about the emergence of smartphones with more sophisticated camera support from time to time, will undermine the market for a premium pocket camera of his work.

"The quality offered by the RX camera is very powerful thanks to the zoom lens that supports it so the quality will be better than the quality of the smartphone camera.No worry about the cannibalism between smartphones and premium compact cameras because the quality is very different," said President Director Sony Indonesia Kazuteru Makiyama.

Nevertheless, Makiyama admitted the market of the entry-level class pocket camera has the potential to be eroded by the smartphone camera. Therefore, continued Makiyama, in general, pocket camera entry-level class does not have good quality.

While the premium pocket camera has a different quality when compared with the smartphone camera because the quality is called Makiyama very different.

Meanwhile, alluded to the potential of cannibalism Sony RX100 VI with a mirrorless camera, Makiyama ensure it does not happen.

Premium pocket camera exactly called Makiyama will be complementary and companion mirrorless camera. Because, clearly Makiyama, for most consumers already have a mirrorless camera, but still requires a camera with a more compact size when traveling.

The premium pocket camera market rated Sony is still experiencing good growth, while the entry-level pocket camera market is unstable or stagnant.

This is also the reason Sony to focus on premium pocket camera products, and switch from the entry-level class pocket camera. For information, Sony's latest premium pocket camera, the RX100 VI targets young consumers, also professionals and travelers.


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