Spotify Lite comes lighter but can not select specific songs even though premium customers

Spotify has just released a lite version of its app. Offering a lighter size, it's just a matter of consideration before it's released. Why? As is known lately many popular applications offer a lite version, call it Facebook, Instagram, and Uber. The presence of this lite version offers a small file size that helps save phone storage space.

That is also the intention Spotify presents a lite version of the application. Imagine the size reaches 100 MB to just 15 MB only. There are a savings of up to 85%.

But with the pruning, the user so cannot listen to music offline. In addition, there is no extreme quality option and Spotify Connect feature that allows us to listen to music on the audio device wirelessly.

Not only that, the user can not choose the specific song, even though the premium customer though. Similarly for playlist selection. In short, all premium and other features are not available in this lite version.

So if your focus in order to save phone memory, Spotify Lite can be selected. But when promoting the experience of listening to music, it's good to stay on the standard version. Spotify Lite is available in the Play Store.

Click the following link to download it.


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