Tesla Investor urges Elon Musk to apologize for a pedophile explosion case

Elon Musk
Lonely Elon Musk lifesavers against the victims trapped in the cave of Chiang Rai, Thailand, tails. At the beginning of this week, the CEO of Tesla received pressure from investors.

Because Elon Musk lifesavers insulting a victim who happens to be a Thailand cave divers Vernon Unsworth with words that are inappropriate.

Unsworth teasing Elon Musk with the nickname 'pedo guy'. Investors certainly are worried because stock Tesla could have related cases continues to decline.

The insistence of investors represented by Loop Ventures through an open letter on the Elon Musk. In the letter, they convey annoyance because the behavior of Elon Musk has already breached the limit, offered by the Guardian.

 "During the last six months, an awful lot of events from the attitude of Elon Musk who undermine investor confidence, " so approximately the sound of the contents of the letter.

One of the investors who urges Elon Musk to apologize is Jing Zhao. According to him, as a professional and his classmates Tesla technology companies, Elon Musk should not utter insults.

 "He should focus with his profession, not busy taking care of things like this, " said Zhao.

In that case, Zhao contended if Tesla actually needs a CEO who are independent and do not need attention.

 "Elon Musk is not mature enough, there should be a better figure to replace it, " Zhao concluded.


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