The number of monthly active Twitter users dropped by a million within a few months and caused the value of stocks to fall

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The amount of monthly active users of Twitter's down a million within the next few months. This number could continue to fall if Twitter is still continuing his efforts to remove the bot and spam.

Monthly active users of Twitter who is often regarded as success yardstick the company down from 336 million in the quarter and then be 335 million in this quarter. Twitter says they may be losing millions monthly active users within the next few months.

The amount of monthly active users of Twitter is reported in the financial statements per quarter for 2018. Although Twitter didn't lose many users  "the original's", the reputation of Twitter in the eyes of the investors still deteriorate because a few quarters later, Twitter has the false accounts that look genuine, making the potential of their business became larger, reported The Verge.

Indeed, delete spam accounts are good things. It means that Twitter knew the number of their users with more accurate and they can provide a better experience to users. In addition, the reduced spam accounts can create a reputation of Twitter for the better.

However, at this time, this is a difficult period for Twitter. During this time, Twitter has to calculate false accounts as the original account, make investors think that companies grow faster than reality. Stock value Twitter directly down about 16 percent after the financial statements.

Twitter mentions, now they can delete your account more quickly than last year thanks to the new technologies that they use.

Because monthly active users, Twitter focused their financial reports on daily active users. They said their monthly active users, up 11 percent from a year ago.

Twitter does not want to divulge the number of daily active users and just mention that their daily active users  "far below " half of their monthly active users.

The good news, Twitter could still get lucky. This is the third consecutive quarter of Twitter getting lucky.


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