Thousands of fans signed a petition to Microsoft's ' save Surface Phone '

Surface Phone
A petition initiated by Microsoft fans expected can affect the software giant to produce the dual-screen device called the Surface Phone.

Zachary Hinski a fan of Microsoft products, making the petition at The contents asked that enthusiasts Surface Phone signed a petition to convince Microsoft to release a product that is known to have later code-named Andromeda.

 "Windows Phone enthusiasts like to Microsoft releasing Surface Phone or Surface Andromeda Phone Project which had previously circulated its leakage, a mobile phone with two screens that can be converted into a tablet, " so the sound of the petition.

Hinski estimates that consumers won't mind paying the US $799-US $999 for the device. This price he thinks deserves and on par with the flagship of another brand that is circulating at the moment.

As for the reasons of such petition is Hinski as a survey to see how many people are willing to buy if Microsoft released it. Currently, the petition has been signed by supporters of 2,742 target 5,000 signatures and is still growing.

About Andromeda project, although Microsoft has never formally announced it was making such devices, some leakage shows Surface Phone votes will be the device that brings a buzz in the mobile phone technology.

This device can be converted into five modes thanks to the functions that can be rotated up to 360 degrees. Unlike the current convertible notebook, Surface Phone has a more compact form can even be bagged. Its shape is like a smartphone while in the closed state.

However, the Microsoft Surface Phone strategy rethink. Microsoft does not have enough reason to continue the development of the project, a report from ZDNet.

 "This is partly because it has to do with his great quality and deadline schedule for release. But in large part because not enough reason for Microsoft to bring the product to market,  "writes ZDNet. 


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