The planet Mars had underground water in the Lake, according to research by scientists from Italy

Underground Lake Of Liquid Water On Mars
Spectacular Mars related findings revealed by scientists of Italy. The findings end a debate for decades about the presence of water that does not freeze on Mars. The presence of water in the form of this condition is important as a prerequisite of life as on Earth.

Mars had Lakes along a 20 kilometer located about 1.5 kilometers below the surface, said a study published in the US magazine Science on Monday.

The research was conducted by a team led by Roberto Orosei from the National Institute of Astrophysics in Bologna, Italy.

Astronomers have long known that billions of years ago Mars has a liquid Ocean and river. These findings, among others, based on the pattern that flows on the surface of the planet.

A more recent discovery later confirmed the presence of ice in polar areas and water vapor in the thin atmosphere of the planet.

NASA Phoenix module also records the presence of snow and the possibility of water droplets falling in 2008. There are also hints that the small amounts of liquid can form temporarily in a thin layer below the surface of Mars.

However, these latest findings, relying on radar information collected by the Mission of the European Space Agency by MarsExpress, ESA.

The data shows that there is indeed an area with uniform labeling profile near the Martian South Pole researchers claimed Italy as hidden Lake.

"Profile radar in this area similar to a Lake containing a fluid that was found under the ice of Antarctica and Greenland on Earth, this indicates that there is Lake subglacial at this location on Mars, " says the report.


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