The robot like a Cheetah that was developed since 2014 has been ready to venture out into the disaster area

MIT Cheetah
A robot like a cheetah developed since 2014 is currently ready to crawl into the disaster area. Added capability of exploring an area that has visibility to zero, without cameras, or other environmental sensors.

Robot cheetah on the third series of this relies on tactical information and feel the environment, called the engineers as a ' blind ' locomotion or driving blind.

Robot designer Sangbae Kim, comparing his results with this man while walking with his eyes closed.

"If a man shuts his eyes and stepped up, we have the mental model to feel the lay of the land and prepare it. But we also rely on touch with the ground,  "he said, reports from the Tech Times.

There are two algorithms in movers this blind which will help the cheetah to calculate turn of his leg when walking. Basically, a robot must know where to stop his feet while going to touch an object. Including the feel, if the object to be trodden under foot is stable enough to sustain its weight.

Each robot replacing swung her legs in the air and hit the ground, the algorithm will calculate the three possibilities, namely the possibility of the foot touches the ground, the power is generated when the feet hit the ground, and the robot will not be stable stand.

In addition, the engineers also incorporated the algorithm to calculate the angle of the foot and the ground. The algorithm will calculate the fourth movement of his feet every 50 milliseconds or about 20 times per second.

The robotic cheetah was created by engineers from the Technology Institute of Massachusetts. Weighing up to 90 pounds or about 40.8 kilograms.

When it was first developed in January 2014, the cheetah can run up to 16 km per hour and jump on top of the grass. Its developers are currently rumored to make the robot can walk up to 48 kilometers per hour. 


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