Tinder release features video profile which can be used repeatedly for two seconds

Tinder Loop Cropped
Features video profile is nothing new in social media and Instant Messaging. Although late, it does not hinder the Tinder for presenting video profile as new features.

The photos indeed play an important role in the friends searches application sort of Tinder. With photos, people can judge what kind of face You, properties, and a variety of story behind it.

The answer is to use a video profile. New features in this Tinder called Loops. As the name implies, the Loops will play video profile You repeatedly for two seconds, similar to the GIF image.

 "Right once, you got two seconds of video loops to show more personality, which is the best way to get swipe right. You could seduce, can have fun, but most importantly so yourself,  "Tinder wrote in his announcement.

The video is indeed mushrooming Middle loop among social media users. First, many teens are now an avid Boomerang video including the middle ones were presented in Instagram.

Tinder ever say that they are now central to test the ability to enter up to nine photos or Loops in the profile, in which the default is six.


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