Transparent casing Mi 8 Explorer was just a fake circuit board

Mi 8 Explorer
When launching Mi 8 on last may, Xiaomi amazes the public with Mi 8 Explorer that had a transparent back casing. Transparent casing showed the components of a cell phone that looks very neat and unsightly. But in the latest report, cell phone components shown in the phone turns out to be merely a sweetener.

Chengming Alpert, a Twitter user who posted pictures of the original motherboard Mi 8 Explorer, which turned out to be different from that seen from the outside. According to him, the picture he got at Weibo, which turns out to have been a discussion material for a long time.

In the picture, it looks if the original 8 Mi motherboard is completely different to the ones visible from outside, who also was not connected to the other components in the mobile phone, while the original components are stored behind the motherboard.

In his statement, Xiaomi calls Mi 8 Explorer Edition has the rear casing made of transparent glass. Then, behind the glass also is not a sticker, but the component parts of the picture from cell phone motherboard, this information known from The Verge.


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