Truthify app uses AI to detect users' emotions while sending messages

Truthify app
Send messages via instant messaging can sometimes be misinterpreted by the recipient of the message. To that end, Truthify tries to use machine learning to detect the user's emotions while sending a message.

CEO and founder of Truthify Kevin Knull himself got inspiration for developing this application because his message is often misinterpreted by his wife.

 "I send SMS to my wife who misunderstood, " said in an interview with VentureBeat Knull.
 "The reason is that we have simplified the communication into just a few words. It can cause significant problems,  "she continued.

Truthify works by leveraging machine learning to interpret the emotions of users based on their facial reactions.

By using the front camera smartphones, this application analyzes 43 facial muscles 14 times per second and evaluate the results of the seven emotional condition: fear, anger, disgust, delight, humiliated, sad, and surprised.

Truthify users can take a picture, post a video or send a text message to another user. When users see the content that is received, the Truthify will identify the user's emotions and share it to the sender and the recipient as well as demonstrating the strength of his emotions, such as 70% 90% happy or sad.

An application that can read a face and this message is feared would violate users ' privacy. Truthify tried to convince the user to state his dedication will user privacy.

"We're not going to know who you are, just what you feel. We think in the end, it's valuable data,  "clearly Knull.


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