Users are disappointed over the announcement of the Apple MacBook Pro 2015 production stop

Apple MacBook Pro 2015
Apple just announced it has stopped production of its line of MacBook Pro laptops. The laptop in question is a MacBook Pro 15 inch Retina version 2015. Companies that also have deleted the Cupertino that product from its online store. Apple news stops the production of MacBook Pro version 2015 turned out to reap the negative reaction from Apple Fanboy.

According to them, the laptop is one of the best laptops Apple's ever produced. In November 2017, founder of Tumblr's Marco Ament also revealed expressions of annoyance toward the fate of the MacBook products.

In his uploads on Tumblr, initiator application Instapaper and Overcast that saying the best Apple MacBook turns out there in production period 2012-2015. While the Macbooks manufactured up to 2015, according to him instead of ' failed ' in the market.

 "Best MacBook that is the production of 2012-2015, a peak that's Yes in 2015. Thereafter no longer exists, "he said.

MacBook Pro Retina is one idea Steve Jobs before her death in 2011. MacBook Pro that was produced in the period 2012-2015 is present with a number of significant updates, such as a sleek design, lightweight, fast performance, and comes with an HDMI port and port Thunderbolt.

As for the latest Macbooks produced start 2016 and beyond, comes with a contrasting design.


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