Virgin Galactic wanted to do a mission into space from Italy

Virgin Galactic
Space tourism company of United States origin, Virgin Galactic has just announced its cooperation with two of the largest aerospace companies in Italy to launch a human into space from European countries.

Flying Virgin Galactic passenger had to be carried from the Spaceport in Grottaglie Italy. If the plan is successfully realized, Virgin Galactic will be the first company to launch a person from Italy or another European country, according to reports from The Verge.

Virgin Galactic is a fellow of both Altec, the company under the Space Agency Italy, and Sitael, the largest private space companies in Italy.

The two companies will work with Virgin Galactic to create draft related how a flight into space will be done from the Gorttaglie Spaceport. The third company was not mentioned when their plans will be realized.

Virgin Galactic mentioned, the purpose of this plan is to build a new spacecraft, a completely new will be put in the Gorttaglie Spaceport permanently.

Sitael and another space origin of Italy will contribute technology to the development of the aircraft. The plane will be used by customers from Europe, such as Italy's Space Agency or civilians willing to pay a fee to go into space.

The aircraft will also be used to perform experiments in science at high altitude with a lower gravity level.


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