Whatsapp will mark forwarded messages from other users in order to reduce the spread of false news

WhatsApp Forwarded Message
Whatsapp will now provide labels on messages that are forwarded with the goal to minimize the spread of false news in their application.

In a blog post, announced the existence of a new label WhatsApp, that will be a sign on a message that is forwarded from one user to the other users. This label will appear on all types of content, either in the form of text, images, video or audio.

 "This extra Context would make the talks within the Group and between users becomes easier to follow, " WhatsApp.

 "This also helps you to find out if friends or family you wrote the message they send or whether the message came from other users."

Before launching this feature, WhatsApp has tested such labels in India, which is the biggest market WhatsApp, and Brazil.

More than 300 million people use WhatsApp in the two countries. In both countries, WhatsApp is often associated with spreading false rumors is dangerous.

In India for example rumors about child kidnappers scattered through WhatsApp encourages locals to kill five settlers. Before this, Facebook, parent company of WhatsApp has also put an ad in the newspaper India to combat a variety of fake news.


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