WhatsApp open a $ 50,000 contest to stop fake news

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India is now also in a state of emergency to stop spreading the fake news via the WhatsApp app. The Indian government demanded the WhatsApp party to stop the spread of false news through their platforms, after in May to June a case of beatings and murders caused by people consumed with false news.

No less than 20 people who have been victimized by false news that was placed on the victim. The vigilante action that caused the victim was tied up in a public place and became a victim of violence by the community to death.

The Ministry of Information and Electronics of India said that WhatsApp should also be responsible for their services being used repeatedly for spreading fake news.

Unfortunately, the ministry did not specify what they wanted by WhatsApp to stop the problem. Precisely WhatsApp opens a $ 50,000 contest for agencies or parties that can make research and solutions to stop spreading the fake news in India through their services.

"We will strongly consider proposals from the social sciences as well as technology perspectives to develop our understanding of the misinformation issues occurring on the WhatsApp platform," said WhatsApp responding to the Indian government's request.

Most of the false news circulating in India and eating 20 victims since May to June discussed kidnapping and trafficking cases for organ harvesting and sale.


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