WhatsApp releases new features for its app group admin on iOS devices

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After releasing a group-focused update to the Android version of the app, WhatsApp brings up more options for group admins in the WhatsApp app of iOS device version.

The update for the WhatsApp iOS version of the app contains a number of features and improvements aimed at users who are admins in the group. One of the features presented by WhatsApp is a new option that allows admins to choose themselves who send messages to groups.

Group admins can find this new option in the Group Info menu on the Group Settings menu. Note that non-admin users will still be able to read messages and respond personally by tapping the "Message Admin" option.

WhatsApp calls this alignment with one of the ways users utilize the Group feature of receiving notifications and important information, including for parents and teachers in schools, community centers, and non-profit organizations.

In addition, WhatsApp mentions that by introducing these new settings, admins will have better tools in managing groups. Another improvement that is presented WhatsApp is the ability of the admin to notify the change of mobile phone number easily.

This option has been added to the Settings menu in the Account / Change Number section and allows admins to select contacts who can find out their new phone number and can read and send messages to the new number.


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