Wildbook makes a "profile" like Facebook for every wildlife

Social media like Facebook claim their service is able to connect to every user. This concept was later adopted by the Wild Me nonprofit created for the fauna.

Wild Me is a nonprofit organization that raises the issue of fauna protection. Through the crowdsource program or fundraising, they created a site called Wildbook that will encompass a variety of information on the internet to recognize every fauna.

How it works, Wildbook is able to recognize every fauna that is in the content on the internet both photos and videos uploaded by researchers, students and those who document the activities of his vacation.

Wildbook supported artificial intelligence technology with deep learning ability to recognize each photo of fauna one by one. The result
those who use the Wildbook service can monitor the existence of this fauna.

To further facilitate the Wildbook technology to recognize each fauna, internet users are strongly encouraged to include data such as gender, age, location, and other information on photo captions when they know it.

So the Wildbook technology engine will create a "profile" Wildbook for every fauna that has a complete identity. The Wild Me organization also plans to develop Wildbook-like services with more specific species of fauna.


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