Xiaomi official list of a stock exchange in the prime of his company Hong Kong

Xiaomi inaugurated the first day of the registration of the shares of the company at the inaugural Hong Kong stock exchange, with the stock code of 1810. This shaped the public offer marks a step attempts to become publicly traded companies globally.

 "Without innovation capital market of Hong Kong, it will be difficult for us to have the opportunity to register for the public in Hong Kong, " said Co-founder and CEO Lei Jun Xiaomi.

In the offer, Xiaomi makes the IPO price of HKD17 per sheet stock, and valuation of US $54,3 billion. Valuation is claimed as the biggest IPO valuation Xiaomi third in global technology stock exchange.

However, only those values of prediction expressed analysts earlier in the year 2018. For information, on last January, analysts predicted that the IPO valuation Xiaomi will reach the US $100 billion, and making it the second largest IPO in the world after Alibaba.

The official public offer is called Lei participated and presented a responsibility and a challenge for the company.

Lei also refers to this point has been supported by Xiaomi more than 100,000 investors reply participated actively in the stock buy Xiaomi, including Jack Ma and Li Ka-Shing.

The IPO continued early into Lei, a new journey for Xiaomi. Lei calls will increase efforts to promote Xiaomi to achieve revenue exceeded 50 percent in the near future. As information on Q1 2018, global business Xiaomi reached 36 percent of global income.


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