Xiaomi announced to reach the United States market in 2019

Xiaomi announced to reach the United States market in 2019. This statement was delivered by Xiaomi Vice President Wang Xiang when announcing his company plans for the upcoming 2019. According to Xiang, the United States is a very attractive market, and Xiaomi will start developing its device to be compatible with networks in the United States.

Xiang also mentioned that his company hopes to do something, and added that Xiaomi's representatives have not yet reached a final agreement with the operator.

If the talks with US operators succeed, the technology giant headquartered in Beijing will be able to penetrate the markets of countries that are trying to block the trade of other Chinese companies. The US Senator advised mobile operators to terminate their cooperation contract with Huawei.

Meanwhile, ZTE is reportedly in the final stages of its operational halt after it violates the embargo agreement and is judged to have failed to cooperate with US authorities.

In the midst of a political situation between China and the United States, which is heating up to bring tension to the economic field, Xiang said he remains optimistic.

Xiang puts the good relationship between Xiaomi and the San Diego-based chipmaker, Qualcomm, and Google's parent company, Alphabet.

The reason for Xiang's other optimism was his experience as an employee of Qualcomm's operations in China, before joining Xiaomi. To date, Xiaomi's efforts to enter more markets are reportedly running well.

Xiaomi successfully surpassed Samsung as the largest vendor in India and began expanding its coverage in other major countries such as France and Italy.


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