YouTube do feature tests Explore to rival the similar features that are present in Instagram

YouTube is testing its own 'Explore' feature
YouTube new features called middle trying to Explore. This new feature called YouTube wants to provide an opportunity for content creators whose name has not been popular.

In contrast to Recommend or Trending feature existing on YouTube, YouTube Director of Product Management Tom Leung explained that Explore feature will present a video with a wide range of topics that are made in any video content.

"Explore will help users to find different topics or channel videos that You may have never found but still personalized according to interest its users ", quoted from Tech Crunch.

This, in contrast, to Recommend or Trending that's just going to present video or content that is homogeneous on the basis of the type of video that you watch over this in the video.

For the content creators or YouTuber, this feature will be provided an opportunity to reach more users with categorizes video content, making it easier to find through Explore. Explore recently tested on some users of the iOS-based smartphone. Explore features can be found in a row at the bottom of the application menu icon on YouTube.


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