YouTube just announced for the estimated $25 million to fight fake news in the trains that are part of Google News Initiative

YouTube News
YouTube has just announced that they have budgeted the US $25 million to fight fake news on the trains. This commitment is part of Google News Initiative which was announced in March 2018.

A subsidiary of Google's future will feature a more reliable news source, especially in conditions following the breaking news mission information can spread quickly.

If there is Breaking News, then YouTube will show a short text about a news breaking news in the search results, users at once brings up a warning that the news can just fluctuate development conditions.

So as an alternative to the video that's been verified by news outlets that usually takes a long time, then YouTube chose a shortcut to show the text news provides more accurate information more quickly.

The purpose of the action is to fight this YouTube video a fake usually often appear after the mass shooting, natural disasters or occurrences of large-scale and important others.

YouTube will also be applying some other measures to increase the content of journalism on the trains. Such fund news organizations around the world to build ' sustainable video operations ', in a way as to train staff and improve production facilities.

In addition, YouTube is testing ways to counter conspiracy by showing the video information from reliable third party sources such as Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica. This will certainly make it easier for users to take the conclusion yourself when looking for a general conspiracy video such as landing a human on the moon.


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