A new study shows that Google Google collects more user data than you think

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A new study shows that Google collects more data than you know. Google said that the study's "very wrong ". Google collects various data from people who use their services, ranging from the route they take to the music they listen to, according to a study conducted by Douglas c. Schmidt, a professor from Vanderbilt. The study was made at the request of the Digital Context Next, a trade group that represents the Publisher media. According to a study released on page 55 Tuesday, Google collects data using passive methods.

For example, a user's location information will be sent to Google even when users are not using an Android phone or browser Chrome. Both Android and Chrome dominates in its class. Android phones are not in use running Chrome to send user location to Google as much as 340 times in 24 hours. It means that a user's location information delivered 14 times in an hour, according to the study.

"In the end, Google could figure out the attraction of users with highly accurate, " wrote Schmidt in his studies, as it is known from CNET. Related to this, Google is the doubtful authenticity of this study. They also mentioned that the authors of the report are not neutral considering he is a witness in the copyright case between Oracle and Google.

"This report asked to created by professional DC lobbyist group, written by witnesses for Oracle in the case of alleged copyright infringement on Google, " a Google spokesman said in an official statement.

"So no wonder if this study contains information that is very wrong."


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