A smartphone and when the aircraft exploded power bank takeoff makes passengers panic

ryanair aircraft
The gripping events occur when an aircraft is in Spain to take off. Ryanair will fly from Barcelona to Ibiza reported made an emergency landing because there are smartphones and power bank that suddenly exploded.

The explosion occurred shortly after the plane started broadcasting. A result of that event, the passengers quickly out of the plane once back ashore, the report from Fox News.

Lucky, no passengers were injured and in need of further medical assistance. Some of the passengers allegedly suffered light burns after sliding out.

A number of passengers ever got around to capture that event through videos that are spread on the internet. After all passengers out, they soon moved to another terminal to board the next flight.

As for passengers who bring the device exploded it is called derived from New Zealand. Of the investigation authority related, Smartphones that bursting when filled with power bank.

 "All passengers successfully evacuated safely and the cabin crew have already taken over the devices, " said representatives of Ryanair. Unfortunately, it is not revealed the type of smartphone and power bank exploding.


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