A study says that: a blue light on a smartphone can cause blindness

blue light on a smartphone
Blue light is indeed often touted the bad effect on the conditions of the user's eyes. There are some bad impacts, ranging from sleeplessness to effect on hormones.

However, the findings of the latest research it turns out Blue Ray turned out to increase the risk of blindness. Previously, Blue Ray is indeed called has harmful effects, but not to injure the human eye conditions.

Researchers from the University of Toledo found the blue light of smart devices, such as Smartphones, can change the molecules vital cell become killer cells and resulting in him can't regenerate, reports from Business Insider.

According to Assistant Professor Ajith Karunarathne, experiments his team is to find out how Blue Ray leads to eye damage which is quite fatal.

 "We've been exposed to a continuous blue light, while the cornea and lens of the eye cannot reflect, " he said.

Therefore, it is not a secret that Blue Ray harm human vision by damaging the retina. According to the explanation of this study, the blue light can change the retinal cells and kills Fotoreseptor by dissolving some of its membranes. In fact, the retinal molecule is needed Tues Fotoreseptor to catch the light.


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