A video circulating on the internet showing the first branded BlackBerry wireless charger

BlackBerry wireless charger
In April, before Optiemus to unveil BlackBerry Evolve and Evolve a new X, Evan Blass upload tweet displays the sketch is referred to as a wireless charger BlackBerry first. Now a new video circulating on the internet showing the charger.

This video is showing a similar device sketch uploaded by Blass and resembles the BlackBerry Secure wrapped with two blue indicator lights at the sides. This teaser also displays the USB port-C at the top of the charger on the sketch.

The device is also shown to have three rubber holder at the bottom of this accessory, to prevent it from shifting from the surface of the table. Meanwhile, the new Evolve will be launched at the end of August, while the Evolve X will be launched in mid-September.

Wireless Charger BlackBerry related information it is estimated will be available after the BlackBerry Evolve is available in the market. Created by Optiemus and the video comes from India, BlackBerry Mobile charger is expected to only be available in the same market with BlackBerry Evolve, namely India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

However, to date, not yet available information related to the price and availability of mobile phone battery charging a device without the aid of wires. As information, BlackBerry Evolve and Evolve X will be present with a high ratio of large-capacity battery and 18:9.

Lines Evolve to be released with Android as the operating system 8.1 Oreo and will not come with a QWERTY keyboard. For security issues, both Evolve and Evolve X will come with fingerprint sensors on the back and also features face recognition.

BlackBerry Wireless Charger


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