Amazon Echo Kids Edition has a new ability called "Sleep Sounds"

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition
In April, Amazon announced a version of Echo Dot designed specifically for children. The version titled Echo Dot Kids Edition the present as speakers intelligent protective casing coated with brightly colored and comes with FreeTime free Amazon support for one year. Amazon FreeTime comes with content specifically for children, ad-free radio streaming, Audible Books, and the ability of the premium for children.

In addition, Echo Dot Kids Edition is also supported with a child-friendly version of Alexa, capable not only to answer the question, it is also programmed to teach. Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition is marketed at a price of USD69,99. Now, Amazon added a new capability to the device, including the ability named  "Sleep Sounds ". This ability is on duty to help children fall asleep with 42 different soothing sounds.

These options include the sound of a vacuum cleaner is working, the sound of cars running, and the sound of a train running on Rails. There is also a game called  "Disney Plot Twists ", which is narrated by several characters from the movie Frozen, and ask the child to convey words and phrases in order to complete the story. This led to Dot Kids Echo Edition has capability similar to Mad Libs kid. Other exclusive games on these devices including Loud House Challenge, No Way that's True, Funny Fill-ins, Challenge Spongebob, Weird but True, Name that Animal, This or That, Word World, Ben Ten, Thirteen, Batman Adventures Classroom and Climb the Beanstalk.

In addition, not only for the child, the Amazon bandwagon includes the role of parents in the use of this device. Amazon calls, parents can download applications to your device, to allow them to keep an eye on the use of the Echo Dot Kids Edition for children.


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