An Australian teenager showed interest in Apple by hacking into the company's system

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A teenager origin Melbourne, Australia to penetrate Apple's internal network security system more than once and download the data of 90GB for one year. The data he had stolen this should be safe.

He could rip off Apple's network from his home using tools and instructions stored in his PC in the folder named  "hacky hack ", report of The Age. He also had a chance to access accounts belonging to customers of Apple.

Directly from Digital Trends, unfortunately, not a lot of information that emerged about how the teens could rip off Apple's system. However, it is rumored, she uses a Virtual Private Networking (VPN).

A VPN essentially serves to create  "the road's" secure internet, emulating the behavior of a local private network connection. Companies typically use VPN to access the Network Center from somewhere else. This is important because a VPN encrypts all data transferred and usually cannot be penetrated by hackers.

VPNs can also be used for the benefit of the individual. VPN not only hides your actual IP address but also allows you to select the country of origin of Your fake IP. This allows access to content that is not available in your country. In this case, the teenagers use a VPN to hide the identity, IP address and the address of the actual.

For a year, he accesses the internal Apple and gets "key authorization " to enter into a customer account. He boasts of his achievements through WhatsApp.

Hacking he did this spread so wide so that information about a case that should be restricted. Apple even claimed that they were very careful in terms of the publicity of this case.

After Apple realized what was happening, they blocked access to the teens and contacted the FBI. Because the hackers there are in Australia, the FBI contacted Australia Federal Police (AFP) who get permission to search in 2017.

According to prosecutors, police found two Apple laptops containing serial numbers to access Apple's internal system and customer accounts. They also confiscated hard drives and cellphones when doing the search.

One interesting thing about this case is the teen could rip off Apple because she is  "fan " of the company. He even admitted that he wants to work at Apple.


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