An iPad exploded at the Apple Store Amsterdam so evacuation of visitors and shop staff

Apple Store
The events of the hit of the device at the Apple Store. This time, the events happening in Amsterdam, Netherlands. From local media reports, the blast came from a troubled iPad battery. After the incident, the staff and visitors were immediately evacuated and shops are closed, a report from the BBC. Lucky, the staff at the official store of that move quickly. After the explosion, they immediately put the iPad into the box containing the sand to prevent a fire.

Firefighters also reported handling action immediately so there happen to greater damage. However, three Apple staff were reportedly got medical handling due to smoke inhalation.

Responding to such cases, Apple admitted his side are still doing an investigation regarding the cause.  "Staff we managed to perform evacuation visitor quickly and securely, we will also open a shop back in the near future, " said Apple.

This kind of event is not the first time this has happened. Earlier, an iPhone also reportedly had burst and created panic visitors Apple Store in Zurich, Switzerland. Because of the incident, a staff suffered burns and household stores were evacuated. iPhone devices that unknown series it exploded because the battery is experiencing overheating.


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