Analysts expect Apple to have 600 Apple stores in various countries by 2023

Apple Store
Analyst Gene Munster predicts Apple will have 600 Apple Store in various countries in 2023. Currently, the new number is 511. Reported by Phone Arena, Munster said, hundreds of shops that can provide a competitive advantage for Apple. As many as 65 thousand Apple retail employee who now is helping spread the  "doctrine's" companies to consumers directly, especially with the addition of new stores.

The two countries will be the main target of the largest App Store development in the next five years is China and India. China, for example, currently has more than 40 Apple Store, and Munster estimates the first store in India will be opened within six months. Along with the growth that will occur, the number of employees at the Apple Store estimated could reach 80 thousand in 2023.

Through the Apple Store, says Munster, Apple may exhibit qualities, design, experience, inspiration, ease and security from the ranks of the device. According to him, every Apple store has five  "layer " namely aesthetics, good welcome, feedback, support, and inspiration. One of the main characteristics of all Apple store design is the glass doors, as well as with a room that looks bright and clean.

Not only that, Apple is reported to be preparing the launch of the new smartphone. One of the reports mentions, Apple would bring the iPhone with two SIM card slots this year. Apple has yet to confirm the truth of this report, but from existing code, in iOS version 12 developers, there are indications of an operating system that supports dual SIM card ready. There is a component with code system  "second SIM status " and  "second SIM tray status ". In addition, there is also a code that contains information  "dual sim device ". Code-code that indicates Apple is judged ready to build software that supports dual SIM functionality. Moreover, with the system's "second SIM tray ", it is likely the company will provide two slots SIM, not just the eSIM.


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