Android 9 Pie Go Edition is planned to be released for more than 200 devices in more than 120 countries

Android 9 Pie Go Edition
After the release of the Android Pie 9, Google is now working on an Android version of Go from the OS. Same as previous variants, Android 9 Pie Go Edition will be presented for entry-level phones. Google promised to immediately release the Go variant Edition this year and will be presenting a number of Android features 9 Pie, known from Softpedia. In addition, Google will also embed some new features to enrich the user experience.

Android 9 Pie Go Edition plan released for more than 200 devices in more than 120 countries, including the United States, India, Brazil, South Africa, and Nigeria. This OS will be compatible for the device with HD screen or regular VGA, RAM 4 GB, 8 GB, or 16 GB, 3 g or 4 g networks as well.

"With more than 100 manufacturers planning to release the device before the end of this year, you can expect more when choosing the first Go edition device," said Android Director of Product Management, Sagar Kamdar.

As for Android 9, Pie Go Edition has 500 MB storage memory greater than 8 Oreo Go Android Edition. This OS will be available on many devices in fall 2018, meaning users will have free 5 storage memory, 5 GB with 8 GB internal memory.

In addition, namely, applications Google will present you with a new design. One of these YouTube version of Go, which has a new fashion Gallery for content downloads and consumes less data when playing video.

A new Go Folder will also be available with navigation, so users can use directions turn-by-turn when travel by foot, bus or car. Phone App in the Android 9 Pie Go Edition now has caller ID and spam detection. Not only that, the application Assistant Go updated with additional support in various languages such as Spain. Android 9 Pie Go Edition will also be present with a wide range of security features.


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