Apparently, the size of the sun turned out to be bigger than we thought

We know the size of the Sun is very large. However, based on studies conducted a number of scientists, the size of the Sun turned out bigger than expected. Is Xavier Jubier and Ernie Wright, a NASA astronomer who examined the size of the Sun with a set of data on the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SD). They realize it is time to observe the solar eclipse that took place in the United States (US). Good Jubier and Wright admitted the measurements of the Sun is not easy. Moreover, its size varies with the changing of the temperature of the heat that is undefinable.

"Measuring with a ruler the Sun turns out to be harder than we thought because he was really bigger than predicted, " says Wright.

Therefore, any Jubier and Wright can't estimate in detail how the size of the Sun. They just refer to the size of the last specified the International Astronomical Union, which at the time estimated the Sun has a radius 432,280 miles (695,700 kilometers).

The size of the Sun first announced by astronomer Arthur Auwers named Germany in 1891. At that time, he used the method of photosphere by observing the size of the Sun directly. The difference is, this time the size of the Sun having a radius of 432,470 miles (696,000 km).


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