Apple is likely to become the first company with a $ 1 trillion corporate value of Apple shares continue to climb

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Apple announced their financial report for Q3. Apple's revenues reached US $53,3 billion, the US $1 trillion higher than estimates.

This is the best Apple Q3, given usually in this quarter, sales began to decline because consumers are waiting for the new iPhone launch Central. The average price of an iPhone is US $724, higher than Analyst estimates that only US $693.

For Q4, Apple predicted revenue would rise to the US $60-62 billion, up 16-19 percent from this quarter. According to The Verge, the reason Apple suspect their income go up is that they will be launching several new products in the autumn of this year.

In addition to the three new iPhone, Apple allegedly will release the iPad Pro recently and also Apple Watch.
Last quarter, Apple CEO Tim Cook did not mention that they would make the iPhone middle class. However, he said that Apple will be  "continues to provide a variety of iPhone ... to meet the needs of the community."

In addition to the iPhone, MacBook Pro 2018 which just launched can also encourage Apple revenue in Q4. Meanwhile, Mac sales continued to decline after having circulated the news that my MacBook with the butterfly keyboard first and the second generation have a design problem.

Apple is a business service business with the highest growth. Revenue from businesses that include Apple Music, iCloud and Apple Care this rose 31 percent to the US $9,55 billion.

After this financial report, the Apple stock value rises. Now, the company's value reached the US $935 billion. If Apple's stock continues to rise, they could become the first company with the value of the company's US $1 trillion.


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