Apple is rumored to be providing Stylus for the successor to the iPhone X this year

iPhone Apple Pencil
Co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs has teased the existence of a stylus for smartphones when introducing the iPhone. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people feel, Apple will not provide a stylus on the iPhone.In 2007, the Jobs it is true, as noted by VentureBeat. When it is, Apple is the focus of developing a smartphone with a touchscreen that can accept input from a finger. Their success. The existence of a smartphone without a stylus is common.

Now, the smartphone with stylus indeed there is still a line of Galaxy Note from Samsung makes the stylus as unique features but the amount was not much.

Nevertheless, patent documents and notes from analysts gave rise to rumors that Apple was preparing a stylus for the iPhone. This week, Rumors surfaced of two Taiwan origin resource which mentions that the iPhone this year will come to the stylus.

This latest rumor comes from the Economic Daily News, which mentioned that the iPhone OLED measuring 5.8 inches and 6.5 inches will be present with Apple Pencil. Citing  "insider's", the media mentioned that Apple the Pencil will not be available for iPhone 6.1-inch sized LCD.  Rumor has it that this stylus will be part of the iPhone OLED which became the successor to the iPhone X from a year ago. Considering the Apple iPhone is higher than the Pencil Plus, some people suspect that Apple will release a Pencil with a smaller size this year.


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