Apple lists the latest patents for fingerprint scanners

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Apple iPhone X is designed to minimize bezel on the front of the phone, prompting Apple to present TrueDepth Camera for Face ID face recognition systems. And pushed Apple to use the bangs design as a place for sensors and 3D mapping cameras.

Earlier this year, Apple registered the patent of the new system, enable it to produce the iPhone models with fingerprint scanner deals across the screen, using the new technology. The new patent registration documents recently released by the USPTO.

Patent new technology designed to scan fingerprints is not utilizing the optical image scanning techniques is similar to a number of devices that are designed and assembled in China. However, this new technology also does not use the ultrasonic system is expensive and more accurate similar Samsung Galaxy S10.

Apple describes the dielectric sensor using patent, with the support of other sensors and at least one light source. This technology allows Apple 3D fingerprint data obtained. Not censorship, Apple will use the camera as his successor.

The camera is called will be strategically placed at the bottom of the screen so that it can be used to photograph the fingerprint's structure in 3D. Patent document number 20180225498 is registered in the month of January, after the launch of the Apple iPhone.

The main technology inventors on the patents it is Dale Setlak, who joined Apple after the giant technology company based in Silicon Valley, this United States acquires the biometric and security company named AuthenTec, costing USD356 million in December 2012.

Meanwhile, three iPhone 2018 models will be supported by TrueDepth Camera and Face ID technology. The technology described in this patent document is rumored to be available on the device and can be used by consumers at least in 2019 or 2020.


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