Apple reportedly planning to convert the Tower Theater on Broadway in the Los Angeles area became the best Apple Store

LA Tower Theater
Tower Theater in the Broadway area in Los Angeles, California, the United States not only is one of the first buildings with air conditioners in the city. The building was also the location of the historic event for the art of The Jazz Singer.

In buildings that were built as a copy of the Paris Opera House, Apple reported planning to turn it into the Apple Store was the best.

Still reluctant to share information related to high cost for this project, but call plans offering more products in addition to its newest device.

For example, Apple is planning to hold a workshop and activities at that location. Apple iPhone users can gather in the photography class with their device, and then follow the tour exploring the area to practice their newly acquired knowledge.

The famous actor, Director, and other entertainment industries will be attending as a speaker at workshops and events held by Apple.

The early blueprint for the theatre reported to have retrieved the Apple and will be used to help restore the building to the initial conditions.

In addition to helping to develop the area to the middle of the city, Apple also announced its new stores through the big thing in Los Angeles.

A number of Wall Street analysts believe that Apple uses this renovation to announce long-term plans. Apple predicted to be more active in presenting content and entertainment services to its users.

Apple has the purpose of improving the income of his service from USD30 billion in 2017 and then, becoming USD50 billion in 2020. Apple is also called the plan to add new streaming service.


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